Hiatus? Nah. Well, sort of. Maybe? Not anymore.

It's not been a hiatus, it's been busy. Life gets busy and things that are awesome usually fall to the side. Lately, I've been trying to manage my time better and, truthfully, stay up later. This give me time to do things that I enjoy. Since my last post I have actually become the co-host of the Cinema Villainy podcast. We talk about movies and music and focus on one movie a week. I've been designing a new cover for each episode, even some of the old episodes that I wasn't co-hosting. Some of them are 2 minute jobs and aren't great. I love some of them and will eventually turn them into 11x17 or 12x18 prints. When time permits, I'll do more. A lot of time I take a still from the movie and Photoshop it into something different. Eventually, I will be drawing things and doing a lot more work on them. The following are a few of the ones that I like the most...

I took the image of Ryan Gosling from one of the posters for the movie and over-saturated it with this shade of blue.  Then I took a cityscape from from Los Angeles and put it in the background and hit it with pink.  The sky was fun to shade like this and then I just added text.  It took a few minutes to find the font they used for the movie, but this color scheme seems to be in a lot of the designs for the film.

Leeloo had just been "born" and was on the run at this point.  I always loved the framing of this shot.  I enhanced the light and dark areas of the drain pipe and made it orange.  I took the background behind her and made it a different hue of orange.  I brightened Leeloo up and blurred things up a bit.  The simple text is similar to that used on the original poster.

To me, this sums up a lot of The Professional.  It's Leon hugging Mathilda after he has saved her again.  The entire film revolves around Leon basically being a father figure to her so this seemed like the perfect choice.  It is a movie about a hitman, however, so the grungy red made sense to me.  I used simple text again because it put me in the mindset of a typewritten police report.

Cinema Villainy podcast cover

The guys from Cinema Villainy know how much I love listening to podcasts and how much I love their podcast.  They got in touch about having me do their cover image and I was more than happy to do it.

City Of Horror patches

This one was pretty simple.  I brought up all the shading to be bright red and I made his eyes REALLY blue.  I placed some text on it and viola!  We have a new City Of Horror patch.

This one was fun simply because City Of Horror asked for a Ouija board and told me to do whatever I wanted.  I made the sun and moon frown, removed some text, cleaned up the background, then added the City Of Horror logo.  

Hard Times, Awakening The Revenant, Let The Guilty Hang, Nation, Bad Terms, Ancient Shores, Last Level, Station(s), and Last Days Of Sun show poster.

After it was scanned into Photoshop, I colored it and added text.

Inked in and ready to scan.

Still in the process of drawing it by pencil.

Girls make the world go 'round

This is a found image with added text.  I'm really happy with the layout of the text and I've always loved this image.

Nation buttons

The black, red, and white button was completely done in Photoshop while the "banner" button was hand drawn, inked in (seen below), and then scanned into Photoshop for coloring.

Original drawing in pencil at the beginning of the inking process.

Malicious Intent (WV) t-shirt

The final design, printed.  I wasn't as excited about the font choice but it was exactly what they wanted, so we went with it.  

This is a close-up of the beginning of the inking process.  I drew out the rough design in pencil, inked it in, the scanned it into Photoshop for the addition of the band name.